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The « BtoB » sales department of RESIMARMO® Italia was for too long the poor relation of the company. 17 salesmen for all of Italy were really not sustainable anymore. The choice to sell from the outset by e-commerce is partly responsible for this situation. But a decision comes to an end. RESIMARMO® Italia wants to have a sales force, in charge of prospecting new customers and establishing privileged commercial relationships with existing customers.

We found that customers, having placed their trust in us for the first time, did not systematically renew this trust in a second purchase or project.

This situation was experienced badly by RESIMARMO® employees, who feel very involved in the company’s success. This was the subject of several letters opened to the management at the end of July 2017, and in the Professional News of the same period. Management noted this and, after much discussion, reacted quickly. 

To study this new provision, sales managers were called back from vacation to attend a one-day seminar where they were introduced to this new provision. After explaining the project to everyone and finding that most of them agreed, management decided to push the project further.


New customers - Job offer at RESIMARMO

Job offer at RESIMARMO.


Result: On September 1,2017,75 people, 70 carefully selected salespeople and 5 sales secretaries, will begin to make their mark in the ranks of RESIMARMO® Italia’s sales force to focus on existing customers and start prospecting in BtoB to find new customers. 



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