Colours for your terrace


Covered swimming pool terrace (Lubéron – France)

Covered swimming pool terrace (Lubéron – France).


Choose your colors !


The colours will make your floor a marvel of design. Different shades will give a top-of-the-range appearance and careful workmanship. From deep tones to soft colours, you can choose from all these basic colours. By combining them together it is possible to create more than 24000 different shades.

This floor covering has many advantages:

    • It has elastic characteristics allowing it to withstand freeze/thaw cycles.
    • It has a draining capacity thus avoiding the stagnation of rainwater or splashes from the pool.
    • But it can also be completely waterproof with RESIMPER.
    • It offers many aesthetic possibilities (different colours, possibility to create various shapes and shapes).
    • It is UV resistant, the colours do not fade over time.
    • It is durable and indestructible like the Greek or Roman temples of the first century.
    • It is in-freeze, unalterable, antibacterial, anti-mite and antistatic.
    • It is non-flammable (barbecue) and it is a good anti-mould.
    • Easy maintenance (by water jet, no footprints).
    • It is non-slip (think of stairs, damp environments, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools etc…)
    • It is also very pleasant to the touch (Italian style shower tray, swimming pool beaches etc…)
    • It is also anti-stain (cleaning with a simple detergent).
    • It is also infinitely customizable (creation of drawings, logos, motifs, friezes etc…).
    • Finally, it is easy to install (delivered with documentation, video and RESIMARMO® hotline – an important saving). 


The colours - Colors Arabescato


Different colours for a neat work !


The colours - Color Bardiglio chiaro


Different shades of grey for an international class !


The colours - Color Occhialino


 Top-of-the-range surfaces that are wear-resistant and easy to maintain !


The colours - Color Bianco carrara


More varied colors, a standing and an extraordinary cachet !


The colours - Color Botticino


Different colours to creéer ate various shapes and shapes !


The colours - Color Verde alpi


Do you have examples of patterns ?


The colours - Color Rosso verona


Many colors and gra in sizes available !


The colours - Color Rosa corallo


Create your own personalized decor !


The colours - Color Nero ebano


Marbles of all colours !


The colours - Color Giallo siena


From white to black to yellow, red or grey !


The colours - Color Giallo mori


Strong tones or soft colours !


The colours - Color Brescia pernice





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The colours - Logo of colors