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This RESI GROUP page is for our customers and visitors. On blogs and websites, the presentation pages, often called « about us » are among the most consulted. On our websites, the « about » page is the RESI GROUP page. There is a lot to talk about. On some sites, this page has been viewed more than some of the articles. Our readers are curious, and they simply want to know more about us. So naturally, we made a RESI GROUP page.

Distinction between RESI GROUP and RESIMARMO

RESIMARMO® is our brand ! It represents today, in the subconscious of our customers, the assurance of quality and tranquility. RESI GROUP is the name of the group that includes the companies RESIMARMO France, RESIMARMO Italia and DECOPIERRE Italia.


The company DECOPIERRE Italia is created on the initiative of Mickaël Bertolaso, professional in « stone look » decoration. He joins forces with his brother Romuald Bertolaso, an outstanding salesman in the construction sector. Together they offer a wide range of patterns and colors to create modern wall coverings. They create RESIPIETRA® wall coverings in Italy.


Registration of the RESIMARMO® trademark. The name is protected in Europe.


Creation of the company RESIMARMO Italia.

The market demands have pushed the Bertolaso brothers to study innovative solutions. In particular, this led them to develop new products, the RESIMARMO® marble aggregate floor covering. The aim was to meet a growing demand for decorative solutions for horizontal surfaces. Surfaces such as terraces, relaxation areas, swimming pool decks, solariums, garden paths, parking lots, etc., and above all in the same tones and colors as the materials proposed in their RESIPIETRA® wall coverings. They offered their RESIMARMO® marble aggregates in Italy, France and progressively in all Europe.


Creation of the company RESIMARMO France.


Following a logic of constant development, they set up a network of partners « RESIMARMO® Distributors » and a network of partners « RESIMARMO® Applicators ». They gathered the best Italian and French companies in the sector and offered them training. In 2017 more than 550 distributors and applicators had participated in the training course at the DECOPIERRE Italia premises.


The group RESI GROUP is created. It encompasses the three companies.

What drives them ?

Vertical walls or floors in « marble aggregates », their desire is to promote this legendary stone, marble. A stone known throughout the world, so precious, so resistant in time and finally so modern despite its great age. The RESIMARMO® marble aggregates mixed with resin, in various sizes and colors, proved to be an innovative product.

Quality products

Come and see for yourself the quality of our products by visiting our website You are welcome !

With RESIMARMO®, you will find the ideal material for your interior and exterior floors. Adapted to every type of floor, on concrete, cement screed, tiles, wood, metal sheets and more.

A popular material

RESIMARMO® is a flexible material used for terraces and pool decks. It is also used for garden paths or even for parking lots. But this noble material is more often used in a relaxation area or a solarium. You will see your environment literally transform before your eyes.

Visit our RESIMARMO® websites, find your colors, choose your patterns and contact one of our staff members, we are at your service.

You can also discover the photos of our customers, the work of artists and celebrities in the design world and get started. Or ask for a visit from one of our consultants and relax, we will take care of everything.

RESIMARMO® is the right flooring for you !

Put your life to rest with RESIMARMO®. Call us or send us an email, we will get back to you within 2 hours.

Customer support

    1. Our phone. (33) 09 80 81 68 44
    2. Help site. Visit our help site to find answers to your questions and discover how to get the most out of the RESIMARMO® experience for your home .
  1. Contact form. If you have a question, request information, or need clarification you can use the contact form here we will be happy to answer you.

You will find all the information about us in the pages « Who are we » and « Where are we », below the page « RESI GROUP »




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Characteristics of RESIMARMO

RESIMARMO characteristics - House-Zwadziland

House Zwadziland.





What’s ?

The RESIMARMO® characteristics consist of 95% marble aggregates mixed with a polymer binder (5% product). It guarantees not only decorative characteristics but also high drainage.

The characteristics of the marble aggregates + resin granulate make it easily adaptable to complex geometrical situations. In addition, the variety of colors available allows you to make drawings or patterns of all kinds. The ease of processing and installation is conducive to both geometric and oblong shapes. The only limit will be your imagination:

The characteristics of RESIMARMO®

RESIMARMO® allows you to create surfaces that meet the basic requirements. The main features are:




The high degree of drainage capacity is one of the strengths of RESIMARMO® and depends on the particular size of the aggregates. The rapid drying of the material is provided by the space between the aggregates for easy passage of water.




The materials used for making RESIMARMO® floors are of high quality. The marble stones are carefully selected and guarantee the strength of our works.




The characteristics of adherence of RESIMARMO® make it possible to reduce the falls or slips on wet surfaces. The loss of adherence due to water is completely cancelled with RESIFIX® making it the safest flooring




The RESIMARMO® surfaces, even when exposed to intense light, no jaundice. The aliphatic RESIFIX® component is able to stop and neutralize the action of UV rays.




RESIFIX® gives an impermeable soil protection to water for marble rollers. This specials characteristics gives RESIMARMO® this extraordinary quality of stain resistance.




RESIMARMO® adapts to suits the tastes and needs of each customer client. With 12 basic colors permanently available RESIMARMO® allows the combination of more than 24 colors and the creation of unique designs, « ONLY » for your home.


RESIMARMO characteristics - Tablet-feature-RESIMARMO



RESIMARMO characteristics - The-small-paradise



Technical certifications obtained

  • ETA : European Technical Assessment document Nº 06/0263 – CE marking : 10 and 25 years.
  • Flat roof external fire exposure Nº 06/32301345
  • Roof 45º fire resistance Nº 08/32309237
  • Root perforation no RESIMPER Nº 07/32305556 with RESIMPER Nº 07/32305557
  • Abrasion Taber Nº 10/101.729-1626
  • QUALICONSULT : Notebook of Technical Terms CCT nº 50 712 004 096 MS
  • BBA : British Board of Agreement 11/4836
  • IETcc report 19.221-II (2007) on thermal resistance.


RESIMARMO characteristics - RESIMARMO Technical Certifications





We still need dealers to cover the various fields available in Scotland, if you are interested please join us. Complete the form below and become our exclusive partner in your area. The train is on and will stop most, to go with us so it’s time !




Complete this form to become a RESIMARMO Distributor.
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Our transporters


Our Transporters Partner - FERCAM Austria

Our Transporters Partner – FERCAM Austria.


Our transporters

The transportation of something is the movement of objects, goods, or people (human or animal) from one place to another. The modes of transport include aviation, rail, road and maritime transport. The mode also depends on the type of vehicle or infrastructure used. Means of transportation may include the automobile, motorcycle, bus, metro, subway, tram, train, truck, helicopter, or airplane, etc.


FERCAM is also air and ocean

FERCAM is also air and ocean.


In order to provide its customers with a permanent quality service, RESIMARMO® negotiates partnership agreements with major companies, leaders in their fields. These companies, renowned for their skills and seriousness, bring us their expertise in sectors that we have not necessarily been aware of. The international transports « FERCAM Austria » follow this logic.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the most advanced services. Through five specialized divisions and partnerships of excellence, FERCAM offers a rare combination of skills and reference solutions in the sector, acting as a single multi-specialized interlocutor.


FERCAM international transports - a quality service

FERCAM international transports – a quality service.


FERCAM‘s strengths such as operational excellence, state-of-the-art IT solutions and employees with specialized skills translate directly into competitive advantage for our customers. The transport is carried out in good conditions, deadlines are respected and the customer is satisfied. A simplified, low-complex internal organisation, operating through standardised, agile processes and supported by state-of-the-art information technology, provides the framework for a highly demanding interdisciplinary and multicultural professional environment that is capable of attracting and developing talent and rewarding autonomy, merit and commitment from all.


FERCAM Quality service

FERCAM Quality service.


As everyone can see, the level of consumer demand has risen sharply in recent years and we at RESIMARMO® believe that this is a good thing. Availability of products, short (and respected) deadlines, value-added services must now be part of the companies’ customer promise or risk serious commercial disillusionment. These expectations have now greatly expanded.


FERCAM in figures

FERCAM in figures.


Having acquired such habits in their consumer lives, professionals can no longer consider not benefiting from an equivalent level of service quality in their daily activities. This strong change in the level of requirements naturally has a strong impact on the supply chain and transport, its last link. A link without a net for which the slightest failure is noted « cash » and can therefore have devastating effects on the image of the company and its activity. Based on these findings and wishing to never leave anything to chance, RESIMARMO® decided to work in collaboration with FERCAM and entrust its transport service to it.


If by any chance you come across a FERCAM truck


one day on your way, think of us, RESIMARMO®,


because we are « partners » with these people !




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About of us


The outdoor decoration - Pool of a Nice customer in France

Pool of a Nice customer in France.


About of us


RESIMARMO®, specialist in outdoor decoration

As a company, a supplier of materials, specializing in indoor and outdoor decoration, a place of debate and a knowledge workshop, RESIMARMO® aims to be a network of skills that transcends geographical boundaries and cross disciplinary fields among other things while seeking to remain accessible to the greatest number. Consulting the site and subscribing to news information are completely free.

Its vocation is to offer quality information on marble and its possibilities of use, both French and international.

The company RESIMARMO® intends to offer to everyone, (fields of knowledge, aesthetics, architecture etc …) a wide distribution that uses all the resources of the internet. It aims to contribute to the circulation of knowledge and studies beyond their sphere of production in order to break down the disciplines. To achieve this goal, the site has set itself three principles :

  • To combine, within the same space and in equal parts, essays and criticisms, written by the best specialists.
  • To do so in a concern for pluridisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.
  • Both account for all components of knowledge about outdoor decoration mainly, but also interior decoration.

Consequently, it is also necessary to encourage dialogue between disciplines, to open up to the international scene by taking an interest in questions, debates and works which, on every continent, constitute the intellectual life of the decoration exterior and interior using marble as an exceptional stone.

To this end, RESIMARMO® relies on a worldwide network of correspondents. In addition, it translates into English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese much of the articles and reviews. 

This in order to make American reflection and research known abroad, through the sites presented on «« , a website to serve the United States. The site « » serves European countries. The site « » is the site for France. The site « » is a site for Belgium. The site « » serves the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the site « » is the site for Switzerland. The site « » is planned for the United Kingdom, the site « » for Italy and the site « » for Germany. The site « » will serve Austria, the site « » will serve Spain and the site « » will serve Portugal. Thus, the largest European countries are connected to RESIMARMO® for the pleasure of their customers.    






The outdoor decoration - Logo of color





The contacts - We greatly appreciate your messages and questions

We greatly appreciate your messages and questions.




There is one thing that most websites have in common, yes one thing you will find everywhere, this is contacts page. Even if there are still some unbelievers who do not want to be reachable, we can say that almost all of the websites have a contacts page.

At the time of all-out communication, it is vital to maintain good relations with its readers, subscribers or customers. You will also find a contacts page on RESIMARMO® sites. The contacts page allows visitors to send a message directly from the website during their visit. It is very convenient and above all very quick to get an answer, when a visitor has a question.


The contacts - Phone-number


Indeed, Internet users can send written comments, remarks or even advice to the moderators of the websites. They also allow to subscribe to a « Newsletter » and to register on the site either as a visitor, simple member, active member or professional member.

The fact of being a subscriber does not bind anyone on our sites, except to receive the monthly newsletter of the site. Thanks to an identifier and a password, the subscribers have the possibility to identify themselves on the sites. This allows them :

• Be recognized as a member on the forum
• To participate in the life of the site
• To access specific services of the site:

  • List of personal messages and messages they have replied to on the forum
  • Personal forum statistics
  • View Profile
  • Etc …


The contacts - Contact e-mail phone

Contact e-mail phone.


If they no longer wish to receive RESIMARMO® Newsletters, simply click on the link in the received mail.

If they wish to delete their RESIMARMO® account, they can use the unsubscribe form.

So do not hesitate, we appreciate your questions very much and we like to answer you, that’s how the conversation engages through a contacts page.







The contacts - Logo of color

Contact visitors


Contact visitors - Contact e-mail phone

Contact e-mail phone.


Contact visitors


Hello dear visitors! You’re probably here because you want to talk! There are three ways to contact us.

You can write to us on one of the two contact forms below (the comments are read daily and processed within a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 24 hours depending on the number of messages received during the day).

You can also send us an e-mail to the following address :

And if you are in a hurry, you can call us at the number below :


Contact visitors - Phone-number

We greatly appreciate hearing from visitors who care about the environment of their home, they are generally as meticulous in their details as they are imaginative in their creations. Feel free to share links or stories that will interest us as well as all other visitors to our sites and readers of the « Newsletter ».

Tell us how you got it :

  • Furnished your outside,
  • Invented a design,
  • Adapted a decoration,
  • Integrated things, details,
  • Or sometimes even diverted objects from their original use.

We are fond of all this. This is what makes your inspiration so rich. Be advisors to those who don’t have as much imagination as you do. Be an example for those who don’t have your skills but are eager to learn. Be generous with your knowledge and experience. You will bring happiness and pride to hundreds of people who share your values.

This is our objective at RESIMARMO®, bringing together as many people and ideas as possible around an exceptional subject, decoration.

But if you need advice, explanations, materials or anything else, your best bet is to send an email to this address:

We wish you and our other visitors a pleasant browsing experience on the English site If you want to browse our sites but in a different language you can choose between 6 different languages (Italian, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese). If you want to browse our sites but in a different language you can choose between 6 different languages (Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese).

You can start filling in the form below. You will find a link (Register and continue later) that allows you to start your message and come back when you want, up to 5 times (for the maniacs of the detail: we think that before the fifth time you will have found the right formulation (humour of course !)).


Never forget this…


Contact visitors - At your service

At your service.


« We are at your service ! »


Give us a try !






Our network of Distributors continues to expand, there are still some areas available in the USA. If you are interested, please join us. Fill out the form below and become our exclusive partner in your region.




Complete this form to become a RESIMARMO Distributor.
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To become partner


RESIMARMO’s partners are trustworthy people

RESIMARMO’s partners are trustworthy people.


The RESIMARMO®  partner network is a network of many people scattered throughout the various regions of Italy, France and other European Community countries. Some are distributors and others are applicators through their technical teams. To meet the needs of our customers, we have created this network of partners. We had to respect our commitments and provide specific technical advice, in order to offer targeted advice to the different projects. We also need to define our customers’ aspirations, where possible, before they are even formulated. In addition, our advice must be appropriate to the needs identified.

The Distributors


Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea

Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea.


All RESIMARMO® partners can visit the virtual showroom that we have put online for them on the Internet. It is much easier for everyone to meet each other on the web and talk to each other, than to see each other physically because of the distances that sometimes separate them. There is a good atmosphere between partners and everyone is committed to participating in the expansion of RESIMARMO® and the success of the network. They are also aware that customer satisfaction must take precedence over personal considerations.

The applicators


250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO

250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO.


The Applicators are people who apply various products and apply application techniques. Affiliated applicators apply the RESIMARMO® product to customers. More than 250 partner companies collaborate with RESIMARMO® throughout France and more than two hundred others in Italy. Coming from the profession of renovation or exterior decoration, their personnel receive specific training in the implementation of floor decoration systems by us. In addition, site visits are regularly carried out by our supervising staff, preventing potential problems.

The installation teams are therefore only authorized to install the systems and a RESIMARMO® applicator certificate is issued to them every year. They respond in a short time to all consultations by providing skills and care in the execution of installation works, thus ensuring a reliable and durable service. The RESIMARMO® applicators network is composed of specialized, independent, certified and trained contractors. They ensure the correct implementation of RESIMARMO®, systems, according to precise know-how. We have identified for you independent professional applicators and experts in the laying of marble flooring, we have trained them and they all meet the quality criteria required by RESIMARMO®.

These applicators are mostly independent, others can be part of in-house installation teams. The applicators in our network were selected, then trained in the preparation and application of our products according to strict standards. In the criteria for obtaining the status of RESIMARMO® applicator, we ask for the decennial insurance coverages necessary for each of them. They will listen to you, respond to your needs, guide you, advise you and respect all the installation instructions of RESIMARMO® we request the necessary ten-year insurance coverages for each of them. All have adhered to the quality charter.

Quality Charter Commitment


They will listen to you, respond to your needs, guide you, advise you and respect all the installation instructions of RESIMARMO®. To bring you a quality service, they will also be your partners.




Complete this form to become a RESIMARMO Distributor.
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The marble aggregates


The marble aggregates - Color Verde alpi

Color Verde alpi.


The marble aggregates - Table tonnage area thicknessThe marble aggregates - Prices marble aggregate.The marble aggregates are naturally eroded to remove sharp edges and make the soft contact under the feet.
The decorative marble aggregates of the RESIMARMO® range are extraordinarily resistant to mechanical stresses. The reflections of each of the shades will allow you to create unique surfaces both in pedestrian and pedestrian way.
All these products available in washed and dried (PREMIUM), are compatible for the realization of drainage floors in aggregates plus resin.
These mineral aggregates are very luminous because marble is a material that reflects a lot of light. Your mineral space will therefore be considerably cleared with this type of aggregate.
These products, once washed and dried in suitable large drums which can contain several tons, are compatible for producing asphalt mixes.
These decorative aggregates semi rolled in large mechanical drums are products of our own manufacture, therefore 100% Italian ! Their rounded shape gives them a very pleasant softness under the feet.
These aggregates are mostly made of marble, and are the most requested by all of our customers. You have below a wide choice of colors for the realization of your outer mineral space, inside the house as in the garden. The richness and nuances of colors will allow you to create an original space, the only limits will be « your imagination ».

The whole of our collection consists of Marble and of quartz. The Quartz aggregates are mainly used to make figures embedded in the marble aggregates. Practically everything you want is possible, from logos to drawings, animal images or anything else you would like to see under your feet in the thickness of your floor-covering made of marble. The latter can be used for the mineral decoration of your gardens, patios, terraces, or even inside your home to give a touch of light color out of the ordinary. These are unique and rare pieces coming directly from Brazil. The latter can be used for the mineral decoration of your gardens, patios, terraces, or even inside your home to give a touch of light color out of the ordinary.
Contact us so that we can study together your project and advise you at best.


The marble aggregates - Phone-number



Please contact us by e-mail:




The marble aggregates - Logo of color