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The wealth of Italy

The wealth of Italy


The wealth of Italy, a significant article! Dear readers, you will find regularly in the Professional News area articles of all kinds concerning Italy but also on Italian marble. Our ambition is to make rediscover the European countries, the great Italian marbles as they have been for millennia, that is the wealth of Italy.


Arch of the Roman Emperor Titus in Rome

Arch of the Roman Emperor Titus in Rome.


If we have the chance to admire magnificent ruins, which testify to ancient times, it is thanks to this beautiful stone that has overcome the weight of years. If we can admire such wonders as

  • the bow of Titus, and those beautiful messages from the past,
  • the column of Trajan which dominates Rome from the top of its 40 meters, 
  • the Colosseum and many other magnificent architectural works,

we owe it to its exceptional hold in time. What is surprising for a stone that seems no resistant.

But it would be a mistake to know the Italian marble, to keep this impression. Very early in history, the wealth of Italy was discovered by the Romans. This stone is hard and it lasts in time. It has saved millions of messages that come directly from our past, ancient Rome.


The column of Trajan

The column of Trajan.


This Rome that continues to live in Europe with Catholicism. This ancestral Rome that subsisted in Greece, Turkey and Russia with the Orthodox Church, to the United States and England with the Anglican Church. This makes people in the world think of worshiping God in the true religion. They do not realize that in fact, without knowing it, they adore pagan gods. These gods were offered to them on a plateau, by all these churches, which are but the prolongation of the two ancient imperial Roman capitals of Constantinople and of the West. These two capitals, which were the religious centers of these two empires. They worshiped the same false homologous gods of ancient pagan Greece. Read the story of the great Roman Emperor Constantine and you will understand why, and how the liturgy was absorbed by politics, leaving little room for the worship of God. This emperor used religion only to strengthen his dominion of Pontifex Maximus. Only images, rites and festivals remain, or morals are more and more unbridled.


The coliseum in-Rome

The coliseum in-Rome.


But I am not here to speak of liturgy, I mean Italy, my land, my roots, my mountains and the marble hidden there by a billion tons. This stone that one would like rare, so beautiful, this stone with hundreds of colors, dozens of textures, thousands of uses, serving people all over the world, this stone that is the richness of Italy. This stone requires only one thing, to be rediscovered ! Here is the challenge that RESIMARMO® has launched, to remake again of earth:

• Blocks of Italian marbles,
• Italian marble pebbles,
• aggregates of Italian marbles,
• Italian marble dust

And for each of these noble forms, show what can be done beautiful and wonderful to look at.
Worldwide you will not find another country with the characteristic of Italy. It is the only country that resembles something human. Yes « the boot »! A boot is used to walk, it protects you from the cold, the rain, it is solid if you put iron nails on it, it can serve as a pocket, a hiding place, boots are useful for everything.

And Italy looks like a boot, isn’t our country beautiful? The « Boot of the World »is Italy! It’s the only country that looks like something human! And the precious, the richness of Italy is its marble!

So, ahead Italian! Put marble at home, show the world the richness of Italy.


Italy has many large cities in all regions, from Venice to Palermo. Destinations of choice for a trip to Italy all over the country

Italy has many large cities in all regions, from Venice to Palermo. Destinations of choice for a trip to Italy all over the country.


So Italians lay marble in your home, show the whole world that Italy remembers its past and wants to become again the world’s leading economic power. The first reference in terms of Luxury in our homes. Our reputation in fashion is clearly established, let us now put our houses, our villas in tune, let us set an example to other nations that the Italian house, the smallest cell in our society is charming and tasteful.

  • Put marble whenever possible. Start with the « marble aggregate » on your terraces. Look at the few houses shown on the « Photo » page and say months if you do not find that the marble gives your home the charm and luxury of a beautiful Roman property?
  • Choose your colors, order your supplies on-site. Then put yourself your « marble carpet »!
  • Calculate your surface area, add 30% and you will get the exact amount of marble Ciottoli you need!
  • The resin will be based on this amount. Then, wait for your delivery!
  • You will find on the « Application » page how to place the RESIMARMO® product !
  • You will find the pose as easy as doing the garden!
  • Thoroughly clean your spreading and smoothing tools regularly!
  • Then wait 48 hours to reach the maximum hardness of the agglomerated marble and…

Your terrace will be ready to spend the next 2000 years, trampled underfoot by your children, your little ones, your great-grandchildren, serve you in the wealth of Italy! Then it will be too late, we will not be there to see it.

See you soon my dear readers !





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