Why choose marble aggregate ?


Terrace in marble aggregates RESIMARMO

Terrace in marble aggregates RESIMARMO.


Why choose marble aggregate ?


A project that is sure to be a success

Because marble aggregate is a…

  • Wear and tear resistant (it is perfectly adapted to heavily used floors, parking lots, corridors, entrance halls, etc…)
  • Resistant (pedestrians, motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, etc.)
  • Unalterable (resistant to the most frequent chemical attacks).
  • Adaptable (Fit for underfloor heating).
  • No-flammable.
  • Anti dust mites (recommended for people suffering from allergies to dust mites, dust, pollen, etc…)
  • Antibacterial.
  • Anti-mould.
  • Antistatic.
  • Anti UV (perfect for external surfaces).
  • Seamless (waterproof walls, shower floors or bathroom).
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces (concrete, wood, stairs, Flooring, tiles, metal, etc.)
  • No-slip (staircases, damp environments: bathrooms, showers, shower trays, swimming pools etc….)
  • Pleasant to the touch (shower, bathroom, Italian shower tray).
  • Easy maintenance (water jet, no footsteps, dust invisible).
  • Anti-stain (cleaning with a simple detergent).
  • Customizable to infinity (creation of drawings, logos, motifs, friezes etc…).
  • A wide variety of colors (12 basic colors with up to 24,000 different color combinations).
  • Easy to install (documentation, video and RESIMARMO® hotline – important savings).

Carry out your project yourself.

Lay your own marble aggregate flooring. You’ll save a lot of money and you’ll have the pleasure of telling your friends that you did it yourself.


The project - Installation of RESIMARMO marble aggregates.

Installation of RESIMARMO marble aggregates.


If you want us to do the installation for you, we also know how to do it !


We have teams with real experience in the field of interior and exterior decoration. They will put all their skills and know-how at your service. Their skills have been acquired at our RESIMARMO® training centre in Italy, where we train the personnel of our distributors and applicators in our installation techniques. They all respect our quality charter.

The project - Quality Charter Commitment

Our customers are happy to have quality service !

We always do our utmost to integrate your ideas and wishes into your project. We will present you with samples of materials, colours, grain sizes and complete documentation for your project and assist you in your decision making.

You are assured to be well advised, by professionals who care about detail and have only one will, you will be pleasant !

RESIMARMO® works mainly with certified Italian marbles: MIC, CICM which guarantee that all the marbles used are from quarries in Italy, managed in a sustainable way as well as resins for marbles, wood and parquet with the ECO LABEL label.

The services we provide are covered by a ten-year guarantee. Our areas of intervention are mainly in Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and in general throughout Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria.

We work with professional importers/exporters for all other countries, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, USA, China.


Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a quote !




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