The contacts - We greatly appreciate your messages and questions

We greatly appreciate your messages and questions.




There is one thing that most websites have in common, yes one thing you will find everywhere, this is contacts page. Even if there are still some unbelievers who do not want to be reachable, we can say that almost all of the websites have a contacts page.

At the time of all-out communication, it is vital to maintain good relations with its readers, subscribers or customers. You will also find a contacts page on RESIMARMO® sites. The contacts page allows visitors to send a message directly from the website during their visit. It is very convenient and above all very quick to get an answer, when a visitor has a question.


The contacts - Phone-number


Indeed, Internet users can send written comments, remarks or even advice to the moderators of the websites. They also allow to subscribe to a « Newsletter » and to register on the site either as a visitor, simple member, active member or professional member.

The fact of being a subscriber does not bind anyone on our sites, except to receive the monthly newsletter of the site. Thanks to an identifier and a password, the subscribers have the possibility to identify themselves on the sites. This allows them :

• Be recognized as a member on the forum
• To participate in the life of the site
• To access specific services of the site:

  • List of personal messages and messages they have replied to on the forum
  • Personal forum statistics
  • View Profile
  • Etc …


The contacts - Contact e-mail phone

Contact e-mail phone.


If they no longer wish to receive RESIMARMO® Newsletters, simply click on the link in the received mail.

If they wish to delete their RESIMARMO® account, they can use the unsubscribe form.

So do not hesitate, we appreciate your questions very much and we like to answer you, that’s how the conversation engages through a contacts page.







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Marble aggregates


The marble aggregates - Carrara marble career

Carrara marble career.


The Marble aggregates


Marble aggregates

That’s it’s decided, I build! Of course, there will be marble aggregates for the decoration of surfaces! First the house, but at the same time the terrace! Then the pool, it is very beautiful also, but it will have to showcase it because the beaches are not « top » …

Today when we settle in, we choose a « key in hand »: we put our luggage and we are quiet, no work!
Either we invest in a property less expensive but in which the work will be more numerous. In this case, the possibilities of having a house or apartment that resembles us will be more important.
Nowadays, more and more French people attach great importance to the feeling of being at home and to make of their interior a place that resembles them: color of the walls, choice of furniture, layout … But also the coating of the floors .

PVC, floor, tiles, carpet … there is a wide choice!

What to choose when you want a « design » floor that is out of the ordinary ?

The marble aggregates, a noble and design product

In 2007, two brothers, Mickael and Romuald Bertolaso, set up Decopierre Italia near MILAN in Italy: a wall and floor covering company specializing in marble powder and marble aggregate.

Marble aggregates mixed with resin form a high-quality coating composed of 100% marble rollers. Anti-slip, draining or waterproof, they can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

These marble aggregates will allow you to give a very neat look to your outside. Their main function being to decorate, you can use them for flowerbeds, terraces or on the edge of rockeries. The high quality of these marble aggregates will embellish your exterior with a restful serenity.

You can also use white marble pebbles to delimit a particular area of ​​your garden.

RESIMARMO® marble aggregates, realize all your surfaces. Available with a wide choice of colors and two types of grain size (1/4 mm, 4/8 mm).



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