The products - Outline of swimming in aggregate of marble colored occhialino

Outline of swimming in aggregate of marble colored occhialino.


The products


This page of the site brings together all the products put on sale on the site and by the same, all the other sites, that is the marbles or the resins. The basic characteristics are indicated for each product. The colors available quickly are indicated and the various products of Resin are also. Among our products we have a few that never generate after-sales service, for which we have no supply problem and which are cheap. We put these products forward, and they are among the most numerous orders our new customers have. By doing so, the first commercial relationship we have with them is always a success, guaranteeing their confidence and transformation into loyal customers.

As we continue to grow, both as a product and as a business, one thing has not changed: the passion we want to develop a product that we love and the respect we have for you, our dear customers.

Without you, RESIMARMO® would not exist. We are committed to continuing to make RESIMARMO® a unique place where you can spend time on pages and articles that appeal to you for many years to come.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds !


The products - The Business Accelerator - Quality

The Business Accelerator – Quality.


An unhappy customer is wasting time on everyone. He will speak negatively about our sites around him and will never return to us. We must, as far as possible, have no detractors. All our products have a good reputation in their specificities, they have proven themselves and are recognized by the professional world as quality products. Our sales staff are carefully selected not only for their expertise in outdoor decoration, but also for their honesty and integrity. We do not allow anyone to be « rough » in customer advice.

Trust must be earned and representatives of the name RESIMARMO® must live up to our reputation. The same applies to distributors and applicators, our privileged partners. 


The products - Trust - a compass that guides you through the storm

Trust – a compass that guides you through the storm.


Our confidence has been built smoothly without ever neglecting regular attention because « trust does not exclude control ». On the other hand the results are felt quickly in the returns of the ground that we collect regularly. Being close to its customers is the assurance of never missing a potential problem. Having detected it quickly we avoid situations that could have been catastrophic for the client who will have decided to trust us in a project for which he spent a lot of time to think. For which he had to invest financially to give his villa, his house or his secondary residence a seal higher than normal. It is unacceptable that a customer is considered negligible by the sales manager in his area or by any member of the company. The customer makes us live and his interests prevail over everything, it is natural to consider it at  its true value, the value « gold ». This is the state of mind that prevails at  RESIMARMO®.


The time of the salesmen « Attila » behind which the grass did not grow back, is definitely gone.

The future of our businesses depends on it. We teach our salespersons, distributors and applicators that a sector for which they have responsibility must be run as a « good father » and we often associate ourselves with this training, the image of the shepherd who takes care of his flock sheep. The shepherd does not count his hours when he has to look after a newly born lamb, he surrounds him with affection and sometimes spreads his cloak over him so that he is warm in the beautiful surroundings of the wind squalls. When the herd returns to the sheepfold it is not unusual to cross the shepherd with one or two lambs that were born during the day. The shepherd is concerned with the welfare of his sheep and we are aware that our customers demand all our attention, it is legitimate to give them what we have best.

By reading these few lines you may have a mouse, perhaps, of incredulity? How I understand you ! Without your willingness to approach us we will probably never have the pleasure of counting you among our customers, but take the bet …

Try it !

For a small order perhaps, at first, but when you will be reassured and you will have found our good and good will to offer you the best service we can give you and the best care it you will never be able to find it, then you will grant it! What? but…

Your confidence ! (of course)


The products - Trust positive quote

Trust positive quote.

When you have done it and you are safe with us, you can finally begin to consider your projects, you will feel comfortable because you will know us in real.

While waiting for your arrival, receive our best regards ! (It is a slightly old expression but it is a reflection of reality).

See you soon if you want it !



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