Good year

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018


The year 2017 finally ended quite calmly in view of the complexity of today’s world. Thus, outside, the storm blows its cold wind, but it is under the sign of serenity that the new year 2018 opens its doors to us.


Happy new year 2018

Happy new year 2018.


For (RESIMARMO Scotland), this is a rather special year, as we will celebrate in 2018 :

Seven and a half years of the websites (RESIMARMO United States) and (RESIMARMO Europe),

Seven years of the website (RESIMARMO Italia), The six of the site (RESIMARMO France),

The five and a half years of the website (RESIMARMO United kingdoms),

Five years of the website (RESIMARMO Belgium),

Four years of the website (RESIMARMO Luxembourg),

The three years of the website (RESIMARMO Switzerland),

Two years of the website (RESIMARMO Deutschland)

The one and a half years of the website (RESIMARMO Scotland),

The one year anniversary of (RESIMARMO Österreich).

Then we will normally celebrate the arrival of two new websites (RESIMARMO España) and (RESIMARMO Portugal).

The opening of these two new sites will take place in June 2018 for and in December 2018 for

These sites are already in writing.

A very real existence thanks to you, ever more numerous to visit us. Thanks to you, members of our Distributors network.

Thanks to you also member of our network of Applicators. And in a more global way thanks to you all our customers, without whom nothing would be possible.

So it’s not close to stopping, on the contrary, we are planning to open more sites in the coming years until we have full coverage of all European countries in this first phase of expansion.

We then form the project to open sites in South Africa, South America, Asia and India. So wonderful and exciting prospects for the future. May the New Year be favorable to all your attempts, may it allow us to win all the challenges and transcend ourselves.


Here we are at the end of 2017, at the dawn of 2018,

May this new year bring you success, 

May it be favourable to all your attempts,

Let it help you win every challenge,

On your faces, smiles like a journey,

Daring, so that things never stay in place,

Trust, to make mistrust disappear,

Delicacies, to savour and savour life,

Comfort, to soften the days of great efforts,

And in those of your loved ones, neither fear nor reproach, 

Generosity, to feed on the pleasure of sharing,

Rainbows, to colour life and drip honey,

Courage to overcome all shipwrecks,

The health and prosperity you deserve, 

May happiness be in your hearts,

May the difficulties of this new year be spared,

In a word, I wish you a very happy New Year !


Thank you all once again.

Mickael Bertolaso.




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