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This RESI GROUP page is for our customers and visitors. On blogs and websites, the presentation pages, often called « about us » are among the most consulted. On our websites, the « about » page is the RESI GROUP page. There is a lot to talk about. On some sites, this page has been viewed more than some of the articles. Our readers are curious, and they simply want to know more about us. So naturally, we made a RESI GROUP page.

Distinction between RESI GROUP and RESIMARMO

RESIMARMO® is our brand ! It represents today, in the subconscious of our customers, the assurance of quality and tranquility. RESI GROUP is the name of the group that includes the companies RESIMARMO France, RESIMARMO Italia and DECOPIERRE Italia.


The company DECOPIERRE Italia is created on the initiative of Mickaël Bertolaso, professional in « stone look » decoration. He joins forces with his brother Romuald Bertolaso, an outstanding salesman in the construction sector. Together they offer a wide range of patterns and colors to create modern wall coverings. They create RESIPIETRA® wall coverings in Italy.


Registration of the RESIMARMO® trademark. The name is protected in Europe.


Creation of the company RESIMARMO Italia.

The market demands have pushed the Bertolaso brothers to study innovative solutions. In particular, this led them to develop new products, the RESIMARMO® marble aggregate floor covering. The aim was to meet a growing demand for decorative solutions for horizontal surfaces. Surfaces such as terraces, relaxation areas, swimming pool decks, solariums, garden paths, parking lots, etc., and above all in the same tones and colors as the materials proposed in their RESIPIETRA® wall coverings. They offered their RESIMARMO® marble aggregates in Italy, France and progressively in all Europe.


Creation of the company RESIMARMO France.


Following a logic of constant development, they set up a network of partners « RESIMARMO® Distributors » and a network of partners « RESIMARMO® Applicators ». They gathered the best Italian and French companies in the sector and offered them training. In 2017 more than 550 distributors and applicators had participated in the training course at the DECOPIERRE Italia premises.


The group RESI GROUP is created. It encompasses the three companies.

What drives them ?

Vertical walls or floors in « marble aggregates », their desire is to promote this legendary stone, marble. A stone known throughout the world, so precious, so resistant in time and finally so modern despite its great age. The RESIMARMO® marble aggregates mixed with resin, in various sizes and colors, proved to be an innovative product.

Quality products

Come and see for yourself the quality of our products by visiting our website You are welcome !

With RESIMARMO®, you will find the ideal material for your interior and exterior floors. Adapted to every type of floor, on concrete, cement screed, tiles, wood, metal sheets and more.

A popular material

RESIMARMO® is a flexible material used for terraces and pool decks. It is also used for garden paths or even for parking lots. But this noble material is more often used in a relaxation area or a solarium. You will see your environment literally transform before your eyes.

Visit our RESIMARMO® websites, find your colors, choose your patterns and contact one of our staff members, we are at your service.

You can also discover the photos of our customers, the work of artists and celebrities in the design world and get started. Or ask for a visit from one of our consultants and relax, we will take care of everything.

RESIMARMO® is the right flooring for you !

Put your life to rest with RESIMARMO®. Call us or send us an email, we will get back to you within 2 hours.

Customer support

    1. Our phone. (33) 09 80 81 68 44
    2. Help site. Visit our help site to find answers to your questions and discover how to get the most out of the RESIMARMO® experience for your home .
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